Javascript & WebGL Image-based rendering demo

Back when I first started doing grad studies at the U of A, I worked with some others on image-based modeling and rendering (  Back then we had very specific renderers for the latest and greatest hardware (Keith Y. was the author of these), and I had worked a bit on a wxWidgets cross platform version of the renderer and the capture system.

The file format was a binary IFF-type format that could be used to stream partial models.  Internally, look-up tables and texture basis images were represented either raw or in Jpeg.  I originally just wanted to use emscripten to port that version to javascript, but kind of got discouraged after seeing some of the work that would have had to been done to the no-longer maintained renderer source, which had inline assembly and used ancient GL extensions, and I wasn’t sure what was required to interface with dependent libraries (like libz).  Turns out you can natively do all of the necessary binary file unpacking (and jpeg/raw image decompression) to get things loaded into WebGL textures.  Admittedly, some of these things are not as direct as they would be if you were calling say libjpeg to decompress, but interesting nonetheless.  So here is a WebGL version of the renderer:

that has almost all the same functionality as the desktop app (doesn’t do the 2D or cube-map look-up tables, and doesn’t support some of the older file formats).  Should work with anything that has a decent graphics card and a browser that supports WebGL.

Source code:




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