Soko solve

Programming is a fun way to pass time.

A few years ago, I was playing lots of sokoban (or box pusher). Around the same time, I was also conducting a number of technical interviews, so was often thinking about self contained programming problems. Back as a grad student, in a single agent search class, we learned about searching with pattern databases–basically you solve an abstraction of the problem and use the solution length in that space to build up a heuristic (see this paperĀ Additive Pattern Database Heuristics).

I’m sure there is plenty of research on the actual topic for sokoban, but I was interested in poking around the problem we were driving to Canada from California for a holiday.

The source code is up on github here:


And you can check out the demo (included in iframe below):

You can play the levels with ‘a’, ‘s’, ‘w’, ‘d’. Or you can click “solve” and “move” through the optimal path. The “Solve all” will benchmark a bunch of different methods. There is a much more detailed description of my analysis in these notes:

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