Shape stylized images

Its been a very long time…

I realize that there are a bunch of side projects that are worth a short blog post. About 1.5 years ago, I was working on some coding tutorials to help a friend learn to program. One of starter projects we worked on was to generate a stylized image by populating an image with a bunch of dots (or other shapes). This is inspired by colorblindness test patterns, as I really wanted to generate a bunch of test patterns for testing video color characteristics that would easily allow you to determine if color metadata (e.g., primaries, matrix coefficients, transfer functions) were being interpreted correctly by a video processing system or display.

Well, I never did actually generate the actual test patterns with this code. But we did generate a couple of interesting images. Below are example Andre the Giant

And here is another one that is a portrait of me:

Source code and sample input images on the github project:

And a video:


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